Use Optimize Fitness to create customized workouts faster - artificial intellegence that saves you time.


Save Time

Reduce the time spent customizing workouts by 90% by leveraging our artificial intelligence that suggests weight, repetitions, time, and distance for over 1000 exercises.

Increase Revenue

Monetize clients in new ways by using our in app billing to support remote training services.  Create recurring monthly revenue through our plan marketplace where premium users can follow your workout routines.

Grow your brand

Tap into our large and growing user base for potential new clients. Your RSS feed and youtube channel shows up directly in Optimize.

Improve Retention

Engage with clients using in-app messaging, rich notifications and reminders, iMessage integration, and workout reminders.

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Pricing: FREE

Optimize is free for trainers and athletes and you can cancel at any time.  We only take a commission of each transaction billed through our platform.


Elite Services

We provide payment processing for just 5% of each transaction billed through our platform.  Manage your clients schedule, send messages, receive notifications, all for free.


    Premium Plans

    Get paid for every premium user that follows your public workout plans. You receive all of the revenue from premium users after Apple's App Store fee and Optimize's 10% commission.