How it Works

Set Goals

Tell Optimize whether you're looking to get toned, build muscle, lose fat, cross train for a particular sport, or just get your beach body ready for summer. Answer a few questions about yourself and Optimize will begin personalizing your workouts.

Choose Preferences

Created dynamically in real-time based not just on your workout history and ability, your workouts also change based on where and for how long you want to work out. Set your mood, time and equipment available- our machine learning algorithms will incorporate everything into creating the perfect workout, just for you.

Start Workout

Optimize Fitness delivers the customization and control you want. You can choose a specific goal, create your own workout, or generate a workout on the fly based on the muscles you want to work out and your preference for stamina, power, strength, endurance, or speed. Optimize will even generate a dynamic stretching routine for off days.

Track Results

Optimize tracks your progress and quantifies your gains.