Getting to the Gym in 2017

Getting to the gym is only the first step, and not necessarily the hardest one.

This January, as with every January, millions of Americans will make that New Year’s resolution to get a gym membership (or just make use of one they’re already paying for!).

It’s certainly difficult for many of us to find the time and motivation to just get to the gym- and I believe one aspect that hinders our efforts is the uncertainty of what to do when we arrive. Often times our schedule prevents us from consistently adhering to rigid fitness plans we read about online or in a magazine, and while they can provide a starting point, often times that is all we get- and a big driver to why many of us stop going to the gym so soon after we made the resolution.

Optimize Fitness uses powerful machine learning algorithms to take the uncertainty out of the equation, and give you both the tools to learn and the flexibility you need to make fitness a regular part of your busy schedule.  After each use, the algorithm processes your performance and adapts to provide new exercises, sets, weight and reps based on your ability and goals. So, the more you use it, the better it gets at knowing you and your preferences.

Don’t bother trying to fit your goals into a cookie-cutter program, or blindly follow a boring set of body weight exercises arbitrarily strung together; take your workouts to the next level with the dynamic and adaptive exercises provided by Optimize.