Practice What You Preach

Both Joe and I, as cofounders of Optimize Fitness, are just as excited about using the app ourselves as we are about building something great for our customers. We too both work full time jobs and need to make the most of our gym time- and this means not wasting it creating plans and routines, especially without knowing exactly when we'll have time to workout next.

I’ve spent decades working out and staying fit. And for most of it, I never really knew what I wanted to accomplish. Here and there I played some sports, so weightlifting became “cross training” and gave the illusion of purpose. The fact of the matter is I never really had a goal because there isn’t a defined end; much as in life itself, the journey is the destination. I wasn’t trying to bench 300lbs to achieve a sense of accomplishment, I just wanted to keep looking and feeling great- and hopefully, keep improving.

But, as with most things, life gets in the way. I’d lift occasionally, go for months without getting to the gym, sneak in the occasional run. Other times, I’d feel incensed by my sedentary tendencies and workout furiously until mired in injury. Both are far from ideal. I’ve cycled through dozens of plans and workouts, from supersets to hypertrophy to Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength and dozens in between.

In the end, all I’m trying to do is stay in shape. While what that means to me has changed over the years, the value and benefits of physical fitness have only become more apparent. As I’ve gotten older however, my free time has decreased and my schedule requires more flexibility.

Staying in shape is hard. It takes discipline, time and effort. We're working together to build a system that creates flexibility and efficiency so we can minimize our time in the gym and maximize our gains.