The Optimize Mission

The one thing that drives us at Optimize is striving to create the best, most personalized workouts for our customers. For the most part, our users are going to the gym regularly and value exercise, but don’t have the time and resources to follow strict regimens or complex workout plans. In short, we’re just regular people who like to stay in shape.

The problem Optimize solves is delivering great, goal-oriented workouts for you, complete with reps, sets, and weight recommendations, regardless of your workout schedule or experience. We make workouts new and exciting while maximizing effectiveness and saving you from spending time preparing and planning your routines- not to mention adjusting when busy days inevitably eat into your gym time.

What Optimize is not is a calorie tracker, nutritional database, or workout fad like couch to 5K and the 7 minute workout. While those are great tools to help motivate a base level of movement and healthy habits for otherwise sedentary people, there is no short cut to building muscle, cutting fat and getting toned.

At Optimize we believe there is also value in a well rounded workout with complex movements and a combination of cardio and strength training. While you can use Optimize solely for the goal of increasing your bench press, it's utility is most realized in one of our many full service 60-day cycle plans that drive measurable, full body results within 8 weeks.

You have over 600 muscles in your body and we want to expose you to hundreds and thousands of new exercises that utilize all of them, one workout at time.