Step 1

Create your trainer profile.

Step 2

Add premium plans and elite services then submit them for review.

With over 1000 exercises already in the app, it’s easy to create your premium plans!

Already have a plan created in a spreadsheet or pdf? Email us and we will automatically add it to your profile!

Step 3

Get clients to follow your routines and services!

We provide you with direct links to your profile and routines. If people click on these links on their iPhone/iPad it will take them directly to your profile or training plan so they can sign up.


Step 4

Download the app and setup your own profile, view your plans and see what your clients will see.

Step 5

Keep your clients engaged. Communicate directly with your followers to answer questions and ensure that they are training properly!

Get feedback from current users in order to offer more plans and services based on their needs!


You earn money for each user following your premium plans, so the more clients you add and the more plans you create, the more RECURRING REVENUE you will generate!

Here’s how the pricing works for your clients if they follow one of your Premium Plans:

  • Clients can subscribe and follow any premium fitness plan for $14.99/month or $119.99/year.

  • Trainers receive all of the revenue from each user following their plans after Apple's App Store fee of 30% and Optimize's 10% commission. 

If 1000 athletes followed your premium plans for a year you could earn over $100,000!!!

EARN EVEN MORE if you add Elite Services to your offerings:

  • You set the price for your custom services, either as a monthly or one-time fee.

  • We manage billing and payment processing for just 5% of each transaction.